Create Lifestyle You Love

All you need is:


1) a working computer

2) a decent Internet connection

3) the commitment to achieving your goals.

Sky’s The Limit or Our Story


Wake up call. That’s what we do. Wake up call to realise the tremendous potential that lies within every one of you.


We believe in thinking differently. We believe there is something better for you than being stuck in the system that exploits you. We believe in transition from reliance on your current job or occupation to a life of freedom, self-reliance and total control.

We challenge you to discover how to start living life on your own terms. To say good bye to your boss, 9-5 routine, commuting, lack of time to travel, lack of time with your dearest ones or lack of your personal time to do all you love doing. We challenge you to see and understand the power of internet and digital economy.

The way we challenge you is by highlighting your passions, identifying your natural drivers and turn them into a business of your life. The business you can run from anywhere in the world. All you need is a working computer, a decent Internet connection and the commitment to achieving your goals.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Click here for free video series and let them reveal how digital technology can work for you and your lifestyle.

A Digital Agency

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Forward Thinking

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Problem Solvers

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Customer Support

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Meet the team:

Andrea Rohonova

Andrea Rohonova

Founder of CLYL

Andrea is a person with an active lifestyle, you would only find her sitting when she’s dealing with her digital life here. Not only she is involved in all possible sports and activities but she likes to create, imagine, dream and she’s been learning to be aware of each moment in her life. When breathing, she breathes deeply, when eating, she really wants to taste the food, when sleeping, she really sleeps, when laughing, she goes crazy, when feeling anger, she gets truly angry. She’s trying to be wholly alive as much as possible with all her might.

“My biggest dream is to offer everyone who is keen with a guidance how to build up a lifestyle they love, in every direction, finance, health and fitness, mindfulness and self development, to bring out the sides of people they did not know they had themselves. To keep everyone smiling and awake.”

Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross

CLYL Mentor & SFM Co-founder

Stuart is a catalyst for change and a strategist for online success. Using his own proven business accomplishments as a template, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge and providing marketing platforms that give students the opportunity to create positive results which dramatically improve their lifestyles.

He has taken a challenge to do something big what could make a difference in other people’s lives. So Stuart reached out to help others, to teach others, so they too could learn by taking the short cuts he had. He helps people learn how to establish financial independence and freedom – so they don’t just dream about it, but they can actually achieve it.

“My goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed is possible.”


Jay Kubasses

Jay Kubasses

CLYL Mentor & SFM Co-founder

Jay is an author, producer, professional speaker and digital entrepreneur. After years of hard work and determination, he overcame insurmountable odds and fulfilled his dream of personal and financial freedom through internet marketing. He has now made it his mission to share his insights with students, so that they too can work toward their dreams of financial independence.

” I want to help people become empowered and understand their true purpose so they can be genuinely happy and love their lives.”



Our business is your business success – We are here to help you design the life you love!

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